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How do I fit into First Assembly?

We know it takes time to find out if our church is the one for you! There are various ways of belonging to the family of First Assembly. With a congregational form of government, we have certain criteria laid out by our Constitution and Bylaws by which we operate as a legal entity, as well as a being a church family that is inclusive of everyone who chooses to identify with us. Here’s how it typically goes…

Connecting Point

If you are new to First Assembly, we invite you to join us for this informal lunch meeting to get better acquainted. Read more.

Life Groups

We believe that connecting with others is VITAL to a healthy, fulfilled life. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to build relationships by just attending on Sunday and looking at the back of each other’s heads. Life groups provide an easier way to build relationships within the church community. Read more.

What does it mean to “belong” to First Assembly?

Once you have attended Connecting Point, should you decide you want to be a part of our church, we will offer the opportunity for membership. Membership is designed to be an introductory level to association to the church until you are ready for partnership.


Partnership is the next level of relationship with the church. Partners have additional privileges and carry certain responsibilities. Spiritual leadership is chosen from this group. Tithing is a way of life at the partnership level, and voting privileges are given on all major decisions of the church. Commitment is made to a godly lifestyle and refraining from social, spiritual, mental and physical ills and habits that hinder our witness for Christ. Discipline is accepted in a spirit of love as unto the Lord. Most importantly, a partner is one who believes in and is committed to the vision and purpose of First Assembly to impact our region and fulfill what we believe is God’s dream for us to change our world.