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Guardian System – First Assembly uses this system for any person who wants to volunteer for any position involving the supervision, teaching, or custody of minors, or working in or around the building where children or youth are present.  It is used to help the church provide a safe, positive, and secure environment for those children and youth who participate in our ministries and facilities.

If you are applying to volunteer in Children or Youth Ministry here at First Assembly, please obtain a copy of the application and use the following information to complete the last two pages.

The “Always Rules” of The Guardian System

1. Always remember that child molesters and abusers . . . Don’t look like the guys on TV. They don’t wear dark trench coats as a general rule. They may not have bags under their eyes. They may not be unshaven. They don’t walk around acting the classical role of a “pervert or a molester”.

2. Always report … Anything that seems suspicious or looks like child abuse. Remember that it is your obligation to report any suspicious activity and never sweep it under the rug.

3. Always be with at least … another adult when working with children.

4. Always remember that every volunteer in the classroom must …have a background check and be screened. Don’t ask someone to help you unless you know for certain that both the above have been accomplished.

5. Always make certain that touch is …age appropriate and for the purpose of encouragement and affirmation.

The “Never Rules” of The Guardian System

1. Never go into a bathroom with a child without another adult. Always follow the ….. Two Deep Rule. Always have another adult present.

2. Never go into a bathroom with a child of ….. the opposite sex.

We advise never accompanying a member of the opposite sex to the bathroom. Whenever accompanying a child to the bathroom, you need to make sure that there is a percipient witness – someone who perceives what is going on in the bathroom in addition to the person who accompanies the child.

3. Never release a child to an unauthorized adult.
(Nursery especially) Check the … check in sheet.

4. Never touch a child …. inappropriately.
Any interaction with a child must be with the Two-Deep Rule & be fully adhered to: Always have another adult present.

5. Never go behind …. closed doors with just you and a child. Always have another adult present.